Super Sound Big Ear


Super Sound Big Ear Product Description This powerful, handheld listening device tunes in to sounds from over 300 feet away. Features high-sensitivity microphone, 16'"parabolic sound collection dish, high-quality headphones and integral built in  tripod mount. Professional Parabolic Microphones is used by professionals world-wide, is engineered to be the most advanced, best performing, best sounding parabolic microphone on the market. This microphone offers the professional a vastly improved parabolic microphone, an   accessory mounting provisions, and costs a fraction of competing microphones.  Use this parabolic microphone for sound reinforcement on football and baseball fields, recording birds and nature sounds, wildlife research, law enforcement, paranormal investigation, or toward a distant conversation for surveillance or personal safety, or anytime sounds need to amplified and isolated beyond the capability of other microphones.

NOTE:Kit#1 includes no electronics.  Complete kits are available with electronics and headphones. E-Mail me at [email protected]

Design Files

File Size

Rear Mount with Amp.stl
362 KB
Rear Ring Clamps.stl
147 KB
Small Dome Mic Keeper.stl
864 KB
Center Front Ring.stl
52.8 KB
New Feed2.stl
1.93 MB
Pistol Grip w TriPod Mount.stl
2.83 MB


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