Whoop Drone Cross 4S Night Flight Acro

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Here is a whoop cross 130 mm (axis to axis) in Polycarbonate and TPU Ultimaker. It was developed to be highly visible at night. It is equipped with :

  • micro f4 20x20mm
  • Motors brushless 1707 - 3900kv
  • Propellers Lumenier 5040x4 cut to 70mm.
  • Quad ESC 4 X 20A Racerstar It runs on 3S 850 mha or 4S 1000 mha

Mini controleur F4 betaflight : http://www.banggood.com/fr/Mini-ACRO-F4-Betaflight-Flight-Controller-Buil-in-PDB-5V1A-BEC-with-Micro-Buzzer-p-1110441.html?p=LD020411878172015024

ESC 4X 20AMP Bheli S V2: http://www.banggood.com/fr/Racerstar-RS20Ax4-V2-20A-BB2-48MHz-Blheli_S-2-4S-Opto-Oneshot42-Multishot-4-in-1-ESC-for-FPV-Racer-p-1080541.html?p=LD020411878172015024

Receiver frsky: http://www.banggood.com/FD800-Tiny-Frsky-8CH-PPMSBUS-Receiver-Compatible-FRSKY-ACCST-X9DPlusDJTDFTDHT-For-QX95-QX90-p-1108071.html?p=LD020411878172015024

Brusheless 1707 3900kv: http://www.myrcmart.com/rcx-h1707-3900kv-micro-outrunner-brushless-motor-p-9434.html

Small supply of screws: 16xM2 12 mm to fix the brushless on the support motors. 12xM1.6 + 12xM16 nut to fix the brushless supports to the chassis


https: //www.facebook.com/Micro ...

Design Files

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Fixation lipo whoop 130mm 1707.stl
1.27 MB
Fixation V2 moteur whoop 130mm 1707 .stl
999 KB
Joint 2mm fixation moteur whoop 130mm1707.stl
340 KB
Joint 3mm fixation moteur whoop 130mm1707.stl
347 KB
Joint 6mm fixation moteur whoop 130mm 1707.stl
340 KB
Pied turbine whoop 130mm.stl
801 KB
Tiny whoop v2 130mm 1707.stl
8.88 MB
Top Plate 30.5x30.5 grille whoop 130mm 1707.stl
464 KB


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