Tree base For tabletop roleplay


I made this quick model for my dungeons and dragons group. The tree is a

quick easy print for any capable FDM type printer. Very versatile, can be dead spooky trees, can be spring/fall etc. Just add some fluff or foliage (brushed yarn fluff from pet comb or colored cotton balls etc).

This was Printed on my mono select mini printer, at a low resolution, with light infill and a quick speed. It took 28 minutes to print (cura said it would take 18 minutes though) and weighs at 3 grams. I did not need supports to print this but it would improve quality for some of the limbs. I add brushed yarn fluff for the leaves and it can hold a regular sized mini figurine as well if the base is not too big. (used solutech white 1.75 printer filament)

I am uploading this item for free, please use for personal use only and see the license it is under.

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