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The Guardian is a digital sculpt and SLA 3d print ready design with size of 18cm x 13cm or 7.1 x 5.1 inches


  • The story and inspiration behind this 3d print and sculpt was about a family and their protectors. We can be human, creatures or aliens we always look after our young ones and would do anything for our family. No matter how pretty, ugly or scary we look when we are around the loved one we can melt anyone's heart. I wanted to tell a story and capture a moment of unknown spices a mix of dragon and hound sharing a moment and guarding their loved ones.
  • Technical: 
  • 3D printing is as much an art as it is a science. Optimizing every print configuration avoids issues with print output. I highly recommend investing time  in finding the best orientation for your successful print. Keeping in mind that resin print is still a bit on the higher cost and not as affordable to all enthusiasts and hobbyist. Hollowing  your 3d models will save you time and resin and with that lowering your cost for your 3d prints.  One the the Guardian print you can notice that the base have few perfectly flat surfaces so it can lay down flat on any surface, all 3 pieces are hollowed and have release holes in different areas based on the best orientation for the final print.  As the resin is cured by the laser the rest of the resin can flow freely back in the resin tank instead being trapped inside the print and reused.
  • Support structures play an integral role in printing parts on the SLA 3D printers. They allow for a wide variety of complex and detailed parts to be printed.  I used the preform software to build the supports to make my model easily printed. Once it was printed it required 10-15 minutes of removal and sanding to remove marks and 30 minutes of 98% alcohol bath to clean the resin leftovers from the final print. 
  • As it was printed in clear resin it required few coats of uniform grey primer  before it was attached to a reclaimed wood base.

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