Top Mounting Rolling Spool Holder for Maker Select


Summary This is really a remix / mashup of two fine designs. I wanted the friction-less roller that was top mounting for my Maker Select Printers. There is a really nice snap on filament guide designed by AndyShen that I used to join to the bottom of the Rolling Spool Holder (remix by JustinLimonges). This is the result and I am very happy. Simply snap in the 4 standard Skateboard Bearings (nice fit) then snap it to the top of your Mono Price Maker Select (or Wanhao Duplicator). Snap on the back and pull down. You can then slide the mounts to fit the width of each of your filament spools. Print Settings Printer: Maker Select Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 80% Notes: I used 80% infill -- but there is probably no reason you can't do less. I also printed with 1.2 thickness on all walls.

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