Party Noisemaker

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Summary REVISED! It works better now!!! New clicker design, less breakage. The sound chamber makes it quite loud. I've made two so far. Uses 4-5 US pennies as weight inside sound chamber. See instructions. Instructions I printed with 0.2 layer thickness and 15% fill. That seems to work well. It prints without raft or support. The clicker part is a separate replaceable piece because that is what seems to wear out first. The circular tabs are only there to help sticking to the build platform. Break them off then file or sand rough edges. The clicker should fit snug in the T-slot. The T-slot in the main housing may need to be filed or trimmed to allow the clicker to slide in. The spacer goes in above the gear with it's beveled edge up, away from gear. Handle goes in the top, out the bottom. You should hear a click when it fits into the gear. Place at least 4 U.S. pennies inside the sound chamber. They should snap into the space provided. 5 is even better.

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