Summary A toy robot action figure designed by a Boy Scout and intended for only good deeds. UPDATE: Files 1 & 2 have been revised for cleaner meshes. Instructions Print parts in assorted colors. Collect 6 screws or bolts of various lengths appropriate to locations. (we used M3 bolts left over from TOM build) The screw for fender to fork needs to be a flat head to clear tire. All three bolts on back should go through and thread into front half. Glue fork halves together. Glue wheel halves together with tire in place. Drill wheel and create wire axle to fit. Should spin freely. Drill out all pilot holes as needed to fit your screw sizes. Test fit upper fork assembly between body sections. You will need to trim or file for a good fit. Body sections should squeeze together, but allow fork to swivel. Assemble as shown and glue lower cannons in place. Enjoy!

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