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Summary IGES files NOW AVAILABLE! STEP files NOW AVAILABLE! This was a Mid-Coast to West-Coast collaborative effort with pcenginefx! (http://www.thingiverse.com/pcenginefx/designs). I did the CAD and he did the testing and photography. This is a remix of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:228055 for REP2X. Made to fit a third 40mm fan for active cooling. The reason I originally designed this for our Replicator2X, is because I wanted to get air all around the nozzle while printing. Having air coming from just the front was not working well for my needs. Now Flash Forge owners can enjoy the same benefits! This design hugs a little closer to the extruder carriage than some other versions. Helpful for PLA and ABS prints. Instructions This thing is designed to print at 0.2 layer height, 2 shells, and 15% fill, no raft or support. I had a little trouble with bridging over the ducts. My solution was to turn off bridging and change the solid layer angle to 90 degrees. Be sure to clean out any "spaghetti" in the air ways. The short fan-to-duct bolts are M3-10. (2 bolts, 2 nuts) The long duct-to-extruder bolts that replace the original ones are M3-60.

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