Crystal Facet Ornament

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Summary This is our entry into the MakerBot Ornaments Challenge. This design has an overall traditional shape with stacked facets that give it an up to date look. At it's widest cross section you can see that it is derived from a snowflake's six sided crystal shape. This also looks good as just the top half as well. Printed in green it may look like a tree. I look forward to seeing this printed with one of the tranparent filaments (don't have any on hand here yet). If you print a clear one please share! Instructions This model was created with 3D printing in mind, so the layers stack cleanly. We recommend printing this design with 0% fill and just one extra shell, at 0.2 layer thickness or thinner. This keeps it very translucent. No support needed. Simply align and glue the two identical halfs together. There is space inside for an LED and battery, if your so inclined to hack this.

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