NO magnet SHOES latch fasteners

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Let yourself comfortable to put on and take off your shoes. 

For this fasteners are not necessary magnets. It is very easy to install on the shoes. And it is easy to open and close. Before I post the model here, I used the shoes latch for myself more than one year. It is very comfortable. 

You can walk with this fasteners. You can run and jump. It can not be open itself anywhere. 

My friends also wanted the same fasteners and i make it to them. Now I offer them to you. Enjoy!

See instruction in photo...

I printed it with ABS and PLA (PLA is better). Use standart setting of temperature for this material. Print speed is 60. Small perimeters is 15.  

after printing a parts may be required some adjustment of holes and pins with a knife.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions...

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