Orthanc Tower from The Lord of the Rings


The tower model is 192 mm tall but can be scaled to fit any machine.  The window mullions are scaled appropriately.  The tower in the photos is 300 mm tall, printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended + using a 0.4 mm nozzle with a layer height of 0.15 mm which took 22 hours to print.  The window mullions were printed with a 0.25 mm nozzle then glued into the tower upper windows.  Print 8 of the Side Window Mullions and 4 of the Front Window Mullions.  The tower was printed in silver PLA to be more photogenic but printing it in black would be more realistic.  The the model required over 1000 hours of design time.

Design Files

File Size

Side Window Mullions.STL
52.8 KB
Front Window Mullions.STL
44.7 KB
Orthanc Tower.STL
68.1 MB


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