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Summary This is the latest evolution in my quest for a filament spool storage system using peg board. There are two versions of the holder here, one for the narrow filament spool and the other for the wider filament spools. I have set up a peg board that is approximately 5 feet wide by 2 feet tall. With this board surface I can attach twenty spools of filament in two rows of 7 spools separated by a row of 6 spools. The system only extends the slightly more than the width of the spool from the surface of the peg board. I have designed a set of filament guide brackets and rollers to help guide the filament from the spool into a 90 degree turn to feed it smoothly to the printer. The filament guides have been published separately . This holding arm is very capable of holding the 1 kg weight of a full filament spool. On the front end of the arm I have made a hole for a 3mm screw for attaching an identification tag to identify the color and type of filament. For my holders I am using the alien head key chain fob printed in the color of the filament on the spool on that particular arm. I print mostly PLA so do not need filament type identifier tags at present. I will be posting my tag design for PLA and ABS identifier tags. Thanks Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: PrusaI3 Supports: Yes Resolution: .20mm Infill: 20% Notes: The pegs in the back print better with support. If you choose not to use support, you can repair the pegs by melting the first few layers that will be hanging from the pegs with a butane torch to fuse them to the bottom surface of the peg.

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