LMU bearing grease packer

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these are just bearing grease packers for 8mm LMU bearings.

line up the slots with the balls and insert, screw on cap and inject grease.

this is setup right now to accept "toothpaste" style tubes of grease. I'll make adaptors as they are requested and I can get access to them to test.

right now I only have 24mm for standard size and 30mm for the standard pre-mounted in the aluminum case

- just added the 45mm long for the double size LM8Luu or what ever they are called.. i don't have any of those bearings so I haven't tested it.

If you are using grease like mine it's VERY stiff, and takes a bit of effort to get it through out the whole bearing as the holes are kinda small..

••NOTE!! the whole thing is rather thin and small for 3D printing.. it will work but be careful not to over tighten or bend a lot as it'll probably break easy. Especially the tiny threaded section.••


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