Runcam2 adjustable base (part 2 or 2- base unit)

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Summary January 30th 2016 (10:00PM) Did a little updating/ fine touches to the base, gave it just a tad more room for the carriage to slide in, thinned the very bottom of the base and punched some holes to save weight but left enough to actually be able to attach it. smoothed some arcs and took away a bit more material here and there to save weight without compromising structure*** Number two of two parts for the adjustable mount for a Runcam2. this is the base you mount on the RC item of what ever you wish. -Carriage for camera cam be found here - Mount base, Slip Runcam2 in the carriage, then slide rear of carriage into the middle slot, sliding back and down, line up front pins to which ever angle you want then push in. Lock it all together with the Runcam2's included velcro strap. Setting are approximately 5º per tooth rise

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