RunCamHD sunshade - square

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Summary ••Hexversion1 MUST BE SCALED 0.2!!!•• ••CorrectSize "should" be correct and not needing any resizing•• Can't get hexagon to export to proper scale for some reason. RuncamHD sunshade. little better shape and design than the Large round I had done before. saves from sun wash from the side in video when flying with the camera. Also will protect camera lens to some degree in a crash. Also great as a stand :) Flex/tough print recommended. (not sure if it'll fit a Mobius? lens circle is 18mm if you want to try.) Printed on M3D printer, Octoprint/M3Dfio software 100% fill - no support- no raft - High Quality - Again, have to scale to 0.2%

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