Bed Leveling Corner


Summary just added one to fit 3mm thick aluminum bed carriages Designed to fit a Max Micron bed with the acrylic under platform other model printers are likely to need it modified as plate thickness and hole layout are likely to be different. OK, tired of the wing nut for bed leveling!!! as I'm sure many others are because I see a TON of people designing, downloading and printing all sorts of knobs to replace it with. My issue is the Y axis mount is tight against the corner,so the knobs would hit the mount if I ended up printing an item that needed full travel. Plus you still need to hold the screw with a driver and twist the knob. So I designed this.. slips on the corner of the track bed, holds a nut in it, screw comes down and through and tightens up to allow for adjustment without issues. No more trying to fiddle around holding a wing nut or a regular nut on the underside .. clip it on and add the screw/bolt and spring and off you go. BED LEVELER CORNER2 - is M3 screws/nuts for sizing... BEDVERSION3 - for use with 3mm thick Aluminum bed carriages BEDLEVELCORNERM4SIZE - is M4 sized screw and nut

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