2020 mounted pivoting Filament Cleaner/Wiper

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Simple filament cleaner or wiper that mounts to a 2020 extrusion frame.  

Print with the bolt and top standing up and body on it's side without supports!! 

You can use what ever , foam cloth, I've even used rolled up paper towel. Just make sure it's not over tight so the filament can pull through easy. 

Many will say it's not needed, and I used to think so. but after having nozzle issues a few times in the last month I demented to try, hey it doesn't hurt anything. Well since install no clogs and filament seems to be smoother flowing.  Hey we all don't live in hermetically sealed clean rooms, we live in the real world with dust and such in the air.  

Head pivots. thread bolt in fully. designed so the threads on the bolt and the head actually go past each other and (in theory) don't come undone as it pivots. but using an hex Key you can get it back apart if for some reason need be. 

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