The Guardian of Temasek, Merlion


  • Back Story of the creature :  Many hundred years ago, a fishing village named ‘Temasek’ was discovered by the prince of Palembang, Sang Nila Utama. He was hunting on Bintan island when he spotted a fine-looking creature, which had the body of a lion and the tail of a fish. He gave chase but the red-breasted creature disappeared up a hill. As he stood on the peak of the hill, he noticed a fishing village on a beach far across the body of water. His chief minister enlightened the prince that the fishing village inhabiting that island was called ‘Temasek’. The prince decided to hunt on the neighboring island, hence he prepared to sail across the sea. During the voyage, a bad storm hit them hard and the ship was tossed about in the angry waves. Water leaked into the ship and everyone worked to prevent the ship from sinking by throwing their belongings into the water. The prince was advised to throw his crown overboard as a gift to the sea. Just then, the odd creature that the prince chased leaped out of the water and rescued Sang Nila Utama and his crew. They arrived safely onto the sandy beach of Temasek. The prince asked some locals about the creature and they shared that this creature was known as the guardian of Temasek, Merlion. The red-breasted creature had a glorious yellow mane and was known to save drowning victims in the choppy sea. The prince was thankful and later decided to develop the island into a city, thereby naming it “Singapura”, which loosely translates to “Lion City”, as an homage to the mythical creature that saved him.  
  • Concept of “Merlion the guardian of Singapura” : The creature has a lion head and tail of the fish, hence its Chinese name “Yu Wei Shi” which translates loosely into “Fish-tailed Lion”. The head of the Merlion was designed to resemble the mythical creature in the Chinese culture, also known as “Nian Shou”, and the scales on the lion’s body introduces a nice blend of the two animals: fish and lion; it is also derived from the amphibious nature of the merlion. The inclusion of a fish tail completes the look of a creature that is rumored to resemble a lion and a fish. I was also inspired by the dragon of Cosmos Landromat, a blender open movie, for the proportion of the creature in overall.  
  • The Model The model has 3 sections. The first is the lion, followed by its fish tail and lastly, the base as a foundation. Printing the model in three sections allows simplicity in design as well as a reduction in necessary support, thereby saving resources. 
  • Software : i model the shape of the merlion using Luxology's modo and sculpt it with Pixologic's sculptris.  
  • Print Setting software: simplifly 3D printer: Flashforge Dreamer temperature: 200 layer height: 0.2mm shells: 4 print speed: 2400 mm/min infill percentage: 20% with raft and support 
  • Its painted by Sean Suchanya
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