Bearing Mounted Spool Holder for Duplicator 6


Summary A spool holder with a bearing mounted sleeve that can accommodate larger spools. This replaces the factory spool holder but does not use the factory provided nut. Print Settings Printer: Duplicator 6 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .15 Infill: 25% Post-Printing Other needed items 608ZZ Bearings (5) 1/4 20 threaded rod 1/4 20 Nylock nuts (2) CA glue How I Designed This Assembly Print all of the parts and clean off excess material. Insert the bearings into the slots of the Bearing Holder. Push the threaded rod through the Bearing Holder so that one end is flush with the outside surface of the Bearing Holder on the threaded side (there is a hole cut for the six sided nut, don't insert the nut yet). Slide the Logo End onto the threaded rod until it mates with the Bearing Holder. Mark the threaded rod, remove from the assembly and cut to length. Insert one nut into the keyed hole on the threaded side of the bearing holder (it should fit snuggly). Insert the threaded rod again into the Bearing Holder this time screw the rod into the nut installed in the previous step. Slide Sleeve over the Bearing Holder. Slide the Logo End onto the rod until it mates with the Bearing Holder. Screw the second nut onto the end of the threaded rod to secure the Logo End. Don't over tighten. Glue the Logo Cover onto the Logo End. (Optional) Install on the printer. You will have to rotate the nut in the keyed slot in the printer to insure that the bearings are facing up. Mark the top of the nut so you can install without having to repeat this step should you have to remove the holder.

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