1-12 cell holders for charging 18650-cells


Summary Based on http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... I needed to charge 6x 18650 cells at a time using my iMax B6. As I am new to 3d-printing and have no experience using Sketch-up I recreated the design in Tinkercad with 6 slots and some helper-items. Those are not in the .stl file, only the actual case is. Springs was harvested from old single-cell holders. Bolts, nuts, washers and cableshoes are size M4. Print Settings Printer: Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 Rafts: Brim  Supports: No Resolution: 0,2  Infill: 20% 

EDIT 06/07-2017

I have redone the model in Fusion 360 based on this video: https://youtu.be/Zn1pGBm67wo regarding dynamic design. I have uploaded sizes 1-12 cells. The dimensions are as follows:  Size 1 cell: 88 x 27,5 mm Size 2 cells: 88 x 51 mm Size 3 cells: 88 x (just keep adding 23,5 mm for the rest of the sizes)...

If you need larger sizes or you have a small printbed, just print two versions and glue them together afterwards.

I will upload a testprint of the new version within 24 hours so until then, print at your own risk ;)

For some reason Fusion 360 insist on exporting the box on its side, so sorry about the previews. Just lay them flat in your slicer.

Design Files

File Size

18650 charger - size 3.stl
103 KB
18650 charger - size 2.stl
73.7 KB
18650 charger - size 1.stl
44.2 KB
18650 charger - size 4.stl
135 KB
18650 charger - size 5.stl
168 KB
18650 charger - size 6.stl
196 KB
18650 charger - size 7.stl
225 KB
18650 charger - size 8.stl
254 KB
18650 charger - size 9.stl
282 KB
18650 charger - size 10.stl
312 KB
18650 charger - size 11.stl
343 KB
18650 charger - size 12.stl
373 KB
47.6 KB


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