Box for Step Up-module


I made this enclosure for my Step Up-module so that I can mount it on a wall - hence the small feet on the sides. Drill an appropriate hole in them for your screws or cut them off if you want the box on the table instead.

The box is a little bit bigger on the insides than the specs for the module as the heatsink and pcb were a little off axis.

In the final .stl file I have moved one of the tabs a bit as it almost collided with a mosfet on the board.

As you can see on the picture, the bottom of my bottom-part of the case is warped a bit. This is because I tried using painters tape as a print-surface, and the tape didn't stick well enough. The top-part was printet using glue on the print-surface and it came out perfect. If needed a fanhole can be made on the sides and a small fan mounted. 

This was printet on a Wanhao Duplicator i3. I used 30% infill as I want it a bit sturdier on the wall. If your slicer permits then print the small tabs with 100% infill as they can break if you are too rough with them - nothing some superglue wont permanently fix though :)

The Step Up module was bought here: , I don't know where else to find it.

Design Files

File Size

StepUp modul 600W bottom v4.stl
348 KB
StepUp modul 600W top v4.stl
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