After watching the recommended videos of Chris Hatfield demonstrating things in space I saw him open packages of food and I noticed that with certain types of food he needed to squeeze away the food near the area he was going to cut open with scissors. While not a difficult or complex task after doing it time after time it could be annoying, with the friction irritating your fingers, especially if your fingertips were already tender or bruised from an accident or another activity. 

Here are two designs for tools that make that an easier and quicker task.

The "bag squeezer" is a hand held tool with two rollers made of flexible filament that, when run down the edge of the bag, will somewhat gently squeeze away the food to a distance that makes cutting it open much easier.

The "long bag roller" is made to be mounted on a surface so the edge of the bag can be pushed into the rollers to displace the food to the desired distance.  Not a life changing device, but as we all know (especially in this community) that specialized gadgets are fun! Especially ones can make life a little more entertaining and just a bit easier or nicer.

Settings are not critical.

Design Files

File Size

bag squeezer pin (print 2).stl
1.1 MB
bag squeezer roller (print 2).stl
2.82 MB
bag squeezer handle.stl
15.1 MB
long bag roller pegs.stl
11 MB
long bag roller base.stl
6.41 MB
long bag roller roller (print 2).stl
7.75 MB


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