SpaceX ITS (Interplanetary Transport System)


This is a two color version of the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System. I personally printed each part and then glued them together with model glue. The files could also be used on a dual extruder printer and assembled in a slicer to print each piece in one go.

I have included:

  •  Ship: a White File, a Black File, and a file for the foot pieces
  •  Booster: A file to print the body as one piece or files to print the body in halves, a file for the engine plates, and a file for the grid fins
  •  A small stand

The STL files may need to be scaled up by a factor of 10 depending on what slicer you use

Print Settings: 

  • Flashforge Finder
  • automatic treelike supports
  • High Res setting (0.1 mm)
  • 2.0 mm retraction length, 45 mm/s retraction speed

Final booster height: aprox 7.75 Inches

Final ship height aprox 4.75 Inches

Models made in Autodesk Inventor

Design Files

File Size

ITS Stand.stl
135 KB
ITS Ship White.stl
993 KB
ITS Ship Foot.stl
17.9 KB
ITS Ship Black.stl
887 KB
ITS Booster Top.stl
176 KB
ITS Booster Grid Fin.stl
82.5 KB
ITS Booster Engines.stl
2.35 MB
ITS Booster Bottom.stl
102 KB
ITS Booster Body Whole.stl
174 KB


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