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This is flower pot for zero gravity.

There is the main box. It has an hole on the outside to put water into the box. You can insert the water with the straw of the drinking water packs from the ISS.

The top part has one, two or three holes for one or more plants. The top parts are for securing the terra in the box.

The cover part is made of flexible material like TPU/TPE. It is flexible, so the plant can easily grow out of the pot without letting the terra come out of the pot. To connect the cover to the hole top just put the cover from the downside through the hole.

To keep the water next to the plant you can also put a transparent plastic bag above the flower top.

Print settings:

                                      cover:                                                  Box, hole top

layer hight:            0,2mm                                                   0,4mm

first layer:              0,3mm                                                   0,3mm

print speed:          35mm/s                                                55mm/s

infill:                         25%                                                         25%

                                    Brimm 4mm                                       Raft 4mm; 4 layers

bottom/top:         1,2mm                                                  1,2mm

overhang angel: 45°                                                          45°

Material:                TPU                                                        PLA, ABS

temprature:         180°C                                                    180°C, 240°C

bed:                           60°C                                                      60°C, 110°C

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