2016 Ducati Draxter Concept Drag Bike RC

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By: Brett Turnage




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Instructables Grand Prize in the Design Now: 3D Design Contest 2016!


Project Jibril: this project consists of two 3d printed RC motorcycles: the 2016 Ducati Draxter Concept Drag Bike RC and the 2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP RC motorcycle.

This project includes two bikes because the motorcycle world is very diverse. I hope that everyone can find one that appeals to them.

Name sake:

My friend Jibril is crazy about motorcycles, so this project was named after him as he was the inspiration for it. RC motorcycles are almost like black magic, the fact that they can ride and balance themselves is accomplished with gyroscopes (either passive or active), and kits like the Kyosho Hang on Rider brought realism by having a rider that actually moved. 

This project remakes that magic for the 3d world with two 2016 bikes that were designed not as chassis, but as the individual motorcycles with unique parts that aim to recreate the realism of the actual bike. 

Both the Ducati and Suzuki feature a 3d printed functional front fork, adjustable rear suspension, and drivetrain that translates power from gears to a belt drive system which turns the rear wheel. They stay upright by using a weighted front wheel which acts as a passive gyroscope, and both bikes have to option run either TPU 3d printed rear tires or a rubber F1 RC tires for better grip. This is just some of the beauty and engineering that went into the bikes, but in order to really make these motorcycles come to life, the rider has to move.

The Rider which is a 3d wonder in its own right. It works by having a brain, backbone, and pelvis. The brain is a super tiny ultra micro servo which is located in the head of the rider. It attaches to the backbone that is a metal rod which runs through the body and is attached to the pelvis, translating the movement of the servo. 

More than just realism, The Rider steers the bike. The lower left arm is attached to the main servo, and it moves the arm forward and backwards. This movement turns the handlebars which steers the bike. When both bike and rider are married together, you get an amazing experience of two futuristic race bikes that were never available to the public with a rider who’s sitting on the bikes in the way an actual rider would. 

This project has taken me over 5-months of work, lots of iterations, multiple different bikes, many older versions that will never be released, and months of testing. These two bikes are the result of all of that hard work. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you are inspired by it, and I hope that in turn you inspire others. 

1:12 scale


Link to the assembly manual: 



All files and manual updates have been made: if you have previously downloaded, please update your files 1/31/17

one piece body parts added for easier printing without a heated bed.

Design Files

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RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/feet bar brace.stl
26.4 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front rotor (r).stl
363 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/spur gear adapter.stl
95.8 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/body brace decoration.stl
146 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/body front (right) .stl
355 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/engine cover (right).stl
12.7 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front tire.stl
731 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/bottom fairing (r) .stl
671 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/body front (left) .stl
357 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/pedal attachment (l).stl
40.5 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front fender .stl
1.07 MB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/fender brace (r).stl
57.3 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front fork.stl
615 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear drive gear adapter (front).stl
97.7 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/shock top .stl
34.5 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear rotor.stl
191 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/pedal attachment (r).stl
106 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear drive gear adapter.stl
53.4 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear body (left).stl
168 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear body (right).stl
168 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/spindle (right).stl
360 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/spindle (left) .stl
368 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear rim .stl
278 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/retaining ring.stl
38.8 KB
RackMultipart20170110-12169-1eolvhs.zip/rear tire (new).stl
563 KB
40.3 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/seat brace (r).stl
117 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/seat brace (l).stl
54.1 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-1h6v1qo.zip/tail pipe .stl
66 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/engine side parts (silver)(r).stl
329 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2056-14ft4fo.zip/engine cover (left).stl
10.1 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/main frame .stl
1.7 MB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/fender brace (l) .stl
59.2 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front rim.stl
366 KB
RackMultipart20170110-2039-2re5fk.zip/front rotor (l).stl
363 KB
shoulder (left).stl
1.03 MB
helmet (right).stl
395 KB
body top.stl
3.39 MB
270 KB
thigh (right)(outer) .stl
1.08 MB
body bottom.stl
1.26 MB
helmet (left).stl
408 KB
lower arm (left) (Ducati).stl
602 KB
lower arm (right).stl
527 KB
lower leg (left).stl
641 KB
lower leg (right).stl
643 KB
lower pivot.stl
47.7 KB
neck vertebrea.stl
63.4 KB
shoulder (right).stl
1.03 MB
thigh (left)(inner) .stl
527 KB
thigh (left)(outer) .stl
1.07 MB
thigh (right)(inner).stl
527 KB
feet bar brace (one piece).stl
219 KB
optional roll bar.stl
281 KB
rear rim for rubber tire.stl
409 KB
swing arm.stl
501 KB
rear fender .stl
187 KB
bottom fairing (left).stl
581 KB
engine parts (silver) (left).stl
368 KB
rear body (one piece).stl
303 KB
bottom fairing (one piece).stl
1.16 MB
body front (one piece).stl
649 KB
rollover bar ver. 3.stl
8.29 KB
rollover bar ver. 3 (right).stl
8.29 KB
rollover bar ver. 3 10 degree (right) .stl
9.46 KB
rollover bar ver. 3 10 degree.stl
9.46 KB


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