Slime Rancher - Gold, Lucky and Puddle Slimes!

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If you'd like to see more details, watch this video:

It's time for some new slimes! This batch brings us the Puddle Slime, Gold Slime and Lucky Slime! All of these can be printed without supports and are easily scaleable.

I created these in Fusion 360 using the previous Slimes I made as bases to craft these into the shapes I needed. Then I used sketches and intersected the details into them.

Then my wife painted them using a combination of spray paint, airbrush acrylic paint and paintbrush acrylic paint. Then she put a clossy coat on them to help protect the paint job and give them a nice slightly reflective look.

If you print some tweet me a picture @ChaosCoreTech!

Print Settings: Printer: DaVinci Pro 1.0 Filament: Hatchbox PLA Layer Height: 0.1mm Infill: 20% Supports: No Raft: No

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Gold Slime.stl
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Lucky Slime.stl
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Puddle Slime.stl
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