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Designed specifically for the pinshape space design competition, this hand is a unique design to help our astronauts.

What does it do?

The aim of the Galacta hand is to help combat one of the greatest health issues astronauts face - muscle wastage.

The Galacta hand is a brace that straps onto the the back of a persons hand. On the back of the brace are tubes which are designed to be threaded with 2mm elastic cord. The cord is tied in a knot at the end of each finger and at the end of the wrist joint. By pulling it tight and knotting, different levels of force can be applied on the brace.

The idea is for an astronaut to be able to wear the brace, and whenever he or she closes or opens their hand they are working against the force of the elastic. The brace sits on the back of the hand, and is held down with very thin straps around the fingers and wrist. This was done so that astronauts could wear the brace through out the day so that whilst they work or relax they can also be exercising and maintaining there health. E.g when brushing their teeth, their clenched hand will be working against the elastic helping to build up their muscles.

As hand dimensions vary per person, each brace would be custom made for each astronaut by scanning their hand to ensure a perfect comfortable fit. (This hand has been made to the dimensions of my hand so may not fit you if you are printing this!)

If you can print this, please load up your photos, as I do not have a printer to do so myself


FlashForge Dreamer  Business Edition 


- PLA 1.75mm 

- 0.18mm Layer Height 

- Nozzle 200deg

- Bed 50deg 

- 3 perimeter lines 

- 30% Infill


- Print out one of each part (18x Hinge Joints and 4x Palm Joint - Fingers)

- Cut 5 pieces of 2mm elastic to length just longer than needed, to run from the wrist to the tops of each finger.

- Tie elastic pieces in knots in individual holes in the wrist joint to prevent the elastic sliding through.

- Proceed to thread individual fingers onto the elastic.

- When it comes to tying the final knots at the end of each finger lay the brace flat on a table and chose the tension you want and     finish the knot.

- Place the brace over the back of your hand, and get a friend to comfortably tighten the straps.

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Hinge Joint (x18).stl
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Palm Joint - Fingers (x4).stl
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Palm Joint - Thumb.stl
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Pinky Finger Part 3.stl
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Pinky Finger Part 2.stl
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Pinky Finger Part 1.stl
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Middle Finger Part 3.stl
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Middle Finger Part 2.stl
216 KB
Middle Finger Part 1.stl
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Index Finger Part 3.stl
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Index Finger Part 2.stl
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Index Finger Part 1.stl
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Thumb Part 2.stl
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Thumb Part 1.stl
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Ring Finger Part 3.stl
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Ring Finger Part 2.stl
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Ring Finger Part 1.stl
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