Rotary Cheese Grater


Summary Rotary cheese grater - not as speedy as a metal store-bought one, but it does work. See pics - that isn't stunt cheese. 2nd pic shows grip method for good results. Did not want to rip off other commercial cheese graters, so went with a different design. Cheese should be firm, but not too hard, for best results. Warning! Use at your own risk! Possibility of plastic coming loose into food unknown, so print in a color you will notice if it breaks off! Food contamination risk unknown. Injury risk unknown. effects of cheese on non-food safe plastics unknown - keep it clean. (Just picked up some food-safe t-glase. See how that goes...) Instructions cylinder printed solid with .25mm layers. Everything else printed w/2 perimeters & 40% fill. Body will need support for inside of "food chute", all others print without support. Attach knob to crank with M4 x 16mm screw and 2 M4 nuts (or equivalent). Wedge something thin in between knob and crank while you tighten down, then remove to allow knob to rotate freely.

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