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Summary I needed a spool to share some filament with a friend so I sat down and designed one. I know there are a few others but I wanted something that was 100% printable, no added hardware, and had some ideas in my head. There is a short and long hub version - depending on your filament holder the long version may be better to keep the arms from catching. Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao i3) Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: 20 Notes: Print one Hub (regular or long), one Side, one Nut and 3 arms. Lay all items flat for printing, hub with threaded part up. Be very careful of over extrusion - the threads are high precision. If you find the nut will not thread on to the hub, you may be over extruding - reduce your flow rate slightly. With accurate extrusion I found that the threads worked well at .2mm How I Designed This Designed in Fusion 360

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