Loose Filament Spool Holder (for Filament Samples)

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I tend to purchase or otherwise acquire a lot of filament samples that seem to come without any type of spool. There are a lot of spool holders available but I was looking for something specific, not sure why. This is my first attempt and I may revise it.

Loose spools are a pain and either tangle or just plain can't be used because I need them to sit on a spool holder the way my printers are configured in my environment.

With my version there are tabs in the front that you can simply rotate to allow easy insertion & removal of the loose filament coil. Just rotate the tabs towards the center, slide the coil on the three pegs, then rotate the tabs back to their original position.

The center spool size is 55mm and the outer pegs are intended for about a 140mm coil. This is sized to fit a bunch of Algix3D loose filament coils I have right now. If anyone needs different dimensions let me know.

There are two versions of the main spool holder. I have not printed the one with all of the holes but made it to cut down on the amount of filament required after printing the one with the solid center spool. It should work.

You will need to print three of the tabs and they will simply press into the holes. It may take a tiny bit of force to get them to go in but once inserted they should rotate easily and not come out (without force). There is a v3 of the clip to go along with the spool holder that has the holes in the main body. It has a slightly larger tab to be inserted.

50% infill worked fine for me but adjust as you see fit.

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