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Summary I've been testing a bit with thin shelled frame vertexes lately. But most small ribs added alof of time for printing. So there was no print time reduction, only in mass a bit. For this version2, i made a pretty good compromise between weight/printtime/strength (I think) At least for PLA that is, i just printed one at 2500mm/min (the green one in pictures). And im amazed about the strenght.. i think it was only a little bit quicker then normal, but i did use more dense settings. But the weight reduction is 40%... And off course alot less warping :) Btw, Im not finished yet, so v2 is not final. PS: There is a large and small (sm) STL, because i had trouble with repsnapper v333 and the large STL. With small i mean less triangles/facets, not smaller dimensions But maybe in other programs the large STL works fine also.

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