Ambiguous Cup

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Summary Originally created on Orchard:!/single/581042cda58e20ad0826e5eb/581042d2a58e20ad0826e5f1 An ambiguous cylinder was made, then a handle was added in order to turn it into a small espresso cup (the 'ambiguous' viewing angle is suited more to the drinker). We don't recommend actually drinking from this cup unless it is food-safe filament, like PETG--it should probably be ceramic. It can be ordered from Orchard at:!/single/581042cda58e20ad0826e5eb/581042d2a58e20ad0826e5f1 How I Designed This Ambiguous Tiny Cup, Originally created on Orchard :!/single/581042cda58e20ad0826e5eb/581042d2a58e20ad0826e5f1

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