Molecular Caviar Dripper Stand and Tray


Summary This is a stand and that holds 9 syringes, a liquid reservoir and plunger press for making fruit caviar in molecular gastronomy. The hole diameter is 13mm. It can be edited on Orchard (the platform for crowdsourced design), where it was originally made:!/single/582e1736b57c4f800a2b4370/582e173cb57c4f800a2b437a Also added the syringes. You can also find/print and edit the syringes on Orchard (!/single/58238890013fe52f22c42a1a/5824cda260174d920a718cf9) or here: If any parts will be used with food, they should be at leat printed in PETG, which is rated as food safe. How I Designed This Sketching the holes on the top in the Orchard modeling interface ( Modifying the liquid reservoir in the Orchard modeling interface ( Moving the pressing plate in the Orchard modeling interface (

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