Stearing Wheel Knob


Summary I've made this knob for making it easier to handle sharp corners and round abouts while driving a manually shifted car. That is basically it. To complete the assambly you will need a M6 bolt and nut and a M4 bolt and nut (or similar). Print Settings Printer: Tevo tarantula Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 50% Notes: Printed in PLA, 195/48. First layer 200/55. Post-Printing Extra material. For my assembly I used a M6 bolt and nut and a M4 bolt and nut. I also used some two layers of 1mm foam sheets on part A and B each. Assembly Remove all supports and make sure that all parts are rigid. Use some grinding paper if the parts don't fit. directly. I made the "plug" a little bit smaller for the uploaded design so everything should fit. Insert the bolts and nuts (if the nuts don't fit you can heat them up a bit but be careful not to deform the model. stick the foam sheet on pieces A and B. Attach to stearing wheel.

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