Wireless stepper control


Summary Migrated existing code from Dan Royer so they could now make their things wireless :-) Sample usage https://youtu.be/Ii7Cn1PlVFY and with two axis https://youtu.be/OLvL4guifRU What you see below the CNCshield is not an Arduino UNO but a Wemos D1 board. http://www.prometec.net/wemos-d1-esp8266-wifi/ I plan to use this to replace the Arduino UNO in my 4xiDraw http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1444216 Code includea trapezoidal speed profile (like GRBL). You connect to it using 0123456789 password (it can be changed in the source) and using netcat -u 9999 SSID and password can be adapted to fit your wifi network, in that case you'll have to figure out the IP address obtained by the board. Servo control has been added, use M3S(microseconds) command to set that pulse width for servo output on pin (pulse Z) D14. A sample capture of the output is provided in case you want to see the timing details of the thing. More up-to-date code can be found here: https://github.com/misan/ESP-stepper-servo/

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