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Summary A Bat inspired Barrette, scale as you like... During the process of helping out with the Caresto Arkham Car ( ) I was inspired to make my own bat symbol. The shape is based on my Palmiga Innovation logo. Hope you like it and perhaps wear it... Printed with flexible material (I used my PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament because it has a nice matte finish/feel, is UV-stable -good for outdoor use- & is very easy to use). If you print it in PLA - bend it with the help of a heat gun or boiling water. PI-ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black is UV stable, thus these barrettes will not brake down fast in the sun. Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram and/or twitter: Use my designs on your own risk, I will in no way be responsible for any damages och injuries.

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