Small PCB Mechanical Coupler

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Summary A small PCBs coupler. I used this to fix an USB/RS232 converter on an Arduino Pro Mini board on the USB side. The other side is connected to the Pro Mini board by header connectors. It's a simple and effective solution for development work. Probably not suitable for a 'production'/definitive product... As it's an OpenSCAD source file, adjust the parameters (commented) to suit your needs... Note: Set either the RndPCB1CornDia/RndPCB2CornDia or the RndPCB1CornCut/RndPCB2CornCut variables to choose between the cutout or rounded corners (or set all to 0 to use square corners)... Print Settings Printer: CTC Bizer Dual Black Rafts: Doesn't Matter Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 20% Notes: If you choose the 'rounded corners' version, you might need supports...

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