Laser Engraver Bed and Laser Holder

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Summary The small laser engraver I have was sold with a laser holder and a small acrylic bed made of a simple sheet. The user has to user hot melting glue to fix these to the CD/DVD mechanism. It works, but it's not a neat solution. So I designed replacement in OpenSCAD: A one piece bed A support for a basic aluminium laser holder A printable version of the laser holder The bed and laser holder support are designed to be inserted over the original CD/DVD mechanism. In the model I have, there are two facing rectangular magnets (see pictures). The bed and holder are to be inserted over these square magnets and it should be a snug fit. A small 10mmx3mm round magnet can be inserted in the central slot of the bed and the holder to improve their positioning (check the magnetic polarity!). If you make one of these, make sure to check the dimensions of your CD/DVD mechanisms. The parameters in the OpenSCAD files are commented. Update 2016-11-25: Added a feet generator for Acrylic Mini Laser versions Added pictures of a magnetic tape covered bed Print Settings Printer: CTC Bizer Dual Black Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 20%

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