Replacement Tap Handle - Th3 B^ck-Up

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Replacement Tap Handle for when you're in a jam - Th3 B^ck-Up.

Printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended +  |   Sliced with Cura slicing software

Update 12 January 2018: model now solid  (no multiple shells) due to some slicing software not being able to handle multiple shells.

Print settings:

No Supports / Print Bed Adhesion


Standard Fast Print : 60mm/s - Top/Bottom Speed 30mm/s - Travel Speed 150mm/s - Initial Layer Speed 30mm/s

In-Fill Density : 35%   In-Fill Pattern : Grid

(play around with the In-Fill densitys, ! chose to print a 35% in-fill for two reasons 1) Time constraints.  2) The washers in the tap were still good and it didn't require much force to turn the water off. A denser in-fill should give you a stronger print.)

Build Plate Temp: 60Deg/C  |  printed in ColorFabb PLA / PLH  @212Deg/C | 0.4mm Nozzle

HOT/COLD CAPS : I recommend printing the Hot and Cold Caps with a 0.25mm Nozzle at a suitable speed for that nozzle.

Boolean Operands were employed in the creation of this model.

Please remember material shrinkage will vary depending on material, brand and colour.

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D3V!rum3tM^ch!n^ @DVirumEtMachina

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