3d printed parts for 3d scanner


Summary We are developing a 3d scanner based on parts printed from a makerbot. These files show the printed parts, put together with a logitech camera, a laser, and a mirror mounted on a galvanometer. The basic idea along with our first implementation is described here: http://abarry.org/stereo We are developing the software using a microchip PIC to drive the mirror, along with software to obtain point clouds and meshlab to mesh the point cloud. There is a long way to go with the software, but at least we have some nice printed hardware to get the data. UPDATE: new scans -- we've added a screenshot of a scanned artichoke! Instructions Print the files. Install a line laser, a USB camera, and a mirror glued to a galvanometer. Make a bracket to offset the camera from the laser by about 7 to 10 inches. You can use the software at the link in the description for now. Additional development is underway.

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