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Reviewing the Fennekin color scheme, I managed to dissect the major colors into pieces allowing you to print her in color.

Print Settings: I printed many failed pieces to get this right. She's head heavy so to get her to stand on her own pay attention to the infill settings of the pieces.

  • Fennekin-Body.stl - Yellow at 20% infill, no support necessary, my printer was choking on the feet and the Meshmixer support, so I created Fennekin-Body-Lozenge.stl that places an oval piece in the middle to calm the printer down and print better legs with less chance of failure.
  • Fennekin-Ear-Left.stl & Fennekin-Ear-Right.stl - Red at 10% infill, use support.
  • Fennekin-Eyes.stl - Red at 10% infill, no support or brim necessary. I used enamel model paint for the pupils.
  • Fennekin-Head-Bottom.stl - White at 10% infill with support.
  • Fennekin-Head-Crown.stl - Yellow at 10% infill with support.
  • Fennekin-Tail-Base.stl - Yellow at 50%+ infill, no support. You want higher infill to act as a counterweight for the head.
  • Fennekin-Tail-Tip.stl - Red at 50%+ infill, no support. Like the base, higher infill to act as a counterweight for the head.

For assembly visuals, click here.

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