Butter Pig (Baconlicious Mix)


Oh yes! A near complete redesign of the infamous Butter Pig by Steve Weber. Coincidentally, I see Steve on a regular basis so he's witnessed the transformation and additions I've included in the design.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fits a full stick of butter!
  • Prints with far less support
  • Tighter tolerances for improved butter containment
  • Dies are slimmer and can print laying down
  • New Corncob die
  • Introduction of the knoll shelf
  • Sexier butt!!

Print Settings: 0.20mm at 20% infill should do the trick. The body and butt require support. Screw the tail several times to help smooth wall and pusher imperfections. It's much tighter than the original to prevent butter blow-by.

I've printed several in both PLA & ABS. Obviously, being this is in contact with food you should consider using food-grade plastics. The one featured above uses some eSUN, SeeMeCNC and Fillamentum filaments.

About the Knoll Shelf: One of the items that bugged me the most about the original design was how much space it takes up when it's full. By designing a shelf to put the pig on (and hold the dies) extends overall fridge space and keeps everything tidy. I recommend using alcohol to clean the wall of the fridge where you plan to mount the shelf. The bathroom 3M command strips work great. The shelf can be removed and carried with the pig or left in place for storage.

Optional: If you alternate the colors on the tail in 15mm segments it can be treated as tablespoons.

Click here for more visuals.

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