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Shogi is one of the oldest variants of the game that we know as chess. It boasts some very cool mechanics like adding captured opponents to your army and piece promotion by flipping the pieces. However, traditional Shogi sets can scare away potential new players since you need to learn the Japanese characters for the pieces along with their moves.

This set solves both problems at once. Each piece has the name and an icon representing their moves. A blunt line from the sphere means that piece can move or capture one square in that direction. A pointed line from the sphere means that piece can move in as many unobstructed spaces as are available in that direction. The knight moves similar to it's counterpart in western Chess, except that it can only jump to the two spaces in front of it, and to one to the left and right, not the spaces sideways or backwards. Then when you get to the 7th rank flip the piece over to promote it and it's new movement is shown.

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