Cl-260 Firmware for MKS-Gen V1.4 / V1.3 and DRV8825


Summary Please don't forget to leave a like if you like it :) It's based on most recent (best available) Marlin 1.1.0 RC7 Supports much more hardware, multi-language (changeable in the configuration.h, standard is English), automatic CRC-check for SD-cards and tons of other new useful features Firmware is preconfigured for MKS Gen V1.4, DRV8825* and 2004 LCD** (Cl-260 standard display) but should also work with MKS Gen V1.3 as pin-layout is identical. MKS Gen V1.4 and 5xDRV8825 can be bought cheap as SET on Aliexpress DRV8825 drivers are more powerful, slightly quieter and slightly higher resolving than standard A4988 drivers How to flash: -Extract .rar file. Don't rename "Marlin"-Folder. -Download and install Arduino IDE (V1.6...) -(disconnect any other printers) Connect printer via USB to your computer, open Arduino IDE Select "Mega 2560" for "Board" and "Processor" in the "Tools" tab Select the black marked PORT in the "Tools" Tab Open "Marlin.ino" with Arduino-IDE inside the "Marlin" folder from the archive you extracted Click on "Upload" That's it! WARNING: As the seller of the Cl-260 had made some small mistakes in his building guide or changes in his firmware, you might need to change motor direction or endstop position manually on the hardware (flipping motor cables on the board or putting the enstops on the other side). Or you can do it by software:::: After opening the Marlin.ino go into the "Configuration.h" tab Open search function (press Ctrl+F on your keyboard) Search a few times for "invert" and you will find all the lines necessary for invertig motor and endstop directions, the you only thing you have to do is change value from "true" to "false" or other way round for the corresponding motors/endstops and then press on "Upload" again. *For standard A4988 and ultra smooth/quiet TMC2100 drivers you have to change one line in the configuration.h. You need to divide all the values behind "#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT" by two, as A4988 and TMC2100 can only resolve 1/16 steps, while DRV8825 can resolve 1/32 steps **SIDENOTE: In my case the 2004 LCD display first stayed black! Cables needed to be flipped by 180° as MKS glued the jack flipped by 180° onto the board for some reason (it's not my fault/fault of the firmware, the jack is simply glued flipped onto the board). Maybe it only happened to my batch of boards but you might need to know that. To flip the cables you need to cut away the blocker on the LCD-cable-plugs with a sharp knife/scalpel first, flip them and the LCD works perfectly fine as usual

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