MKS TFT28 touch screen case for top-mounting on 2020 extrusion (

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Summary Case for top-mounting MKS TFT 28 on 2020 aluminium extrusions, like used by many printers (Tevo Tarantula, Folgertech FT-5, Cl-260, Vulcanus, Sparkcube and many more) MKS TFT 28 V1.2 is a very nice a plug-and-play touchscreen-display, compatible with RAMPS V1.4 and all MKS-Boards (MKS Gen etc.) and many more which have a serial port. Does cost around 30€ incl. shipment on Aliexpress Display is connected via serial port only, so you can still use your old display as usual at the same time. You don't need to modify the firmware or install drivers etc., it's plug&play fun.

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