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Summary e-Nable hands have all used "tippies" (silicone fingertips) as part of the delivered piece. This is a remix utilizing Phoenix Smooth fingers modified to incorporate molded silicone fingertips. Early tests have worked great - good fingertip gripping and quite sturdy. The idea can be modified to fit any e-Nable finger design quite easily and the fingertip mold is included here. All files are 100% and can be scaled to fit. The fingertips have two holes printed within that look like the bottom of a thermometer bulb. This makes the base larger than the tube which will not then pull free up to the strength of the silicone. See print and post print instructions for print and assembly. Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .3 is fine Infill: 20% Notes: The mold .stl will print normally. The depressions in the bottom are filled with silicone and the top piece is for smoothing the fresh silicone before it sets - which gives a reasonably flat surface to glue to the finger. To get the best final printed fingertip, stop the printer before the fingertip has finished printing. When the print level has completed all of the bottom features but before the actual tip is printed, the finger is done. This leaves open access to the infill and mount holes which will be filled with fresh silicone when gluing the molded silicone tip to the finger. Post-Printing Final assembly To make the silicone tips, use a Q-tip to spread a very thin layer of Vaseline on the finger depressions in the mold. Then fill the depression with silicone (Home Depot, about $6 for a gigantic tube) and smooth flat with the mold top piece. When dry, remove the molded tips and clean them up with scissors and a touch of isopropyl alcohol to keep the Vaseline from spreading around. Very briefly sand the printed fingertip surface and wipe with the alcohol. Completely fill the fingertip infill and holes with silicone, then place a molded fingertip on top. When dry (overnight), you will have a clean and effective fingertip that is both a lot less expensive and better looking than the "tippies". Yes, it's more work, but it is a tidy solution for the problem of grip potential.

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