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SummaryThese are files for a modified Unlimbited Arm from e-Nable. They will work at matching percentages with the Smooth Phoenix hand. The files marked 100 are 100% and the 130 forearms are 130% for an appx. 9" forearm. If you can print in one go at that size, you're good to go. Otherwise you will have to cut and splice ala John Diamond's excellent mod also on Thingiverse. The "wide belt" versions are made to use with very short residual forearms to be held in place by a wide, stretchy Velcro type athletic wrap. For longer residual limbs, use the regular strap systems. All forearms and cuffs should be thermoformed after printing for accurate fit. The cuff jig included is a 130% which is useful for both larger and smaller percentages to get a fully rounded shape. I print the "Chicago Pin" in nylon for max strength and you will have to add a screw and washer to complete the attachment. Also, the bulk of this remix stems from files by Po Paraguay, Christian Silva and the e-Nable Foundation and community. Huge credit to them all! And the original source has revealed itself! Excellent work All!

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