Transmitter Tray Turnigy 9XR PRO to print in 3D

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Printing of the transmitter tray including attached STL is optimized to the type of a printer prusa i3MK2 with the size of pad (x,y) 250x210mm.

When properly transfered the attached stl files can be printed on a 3D printer with the minimum size of pad 220x200 mm. The weight of the assembled tray is not higher than 250 g.  (Infill percentage = 15%, primary layer hight = 0,2 mm.)

The tray consists of 9 kinds of parts (1-9) that are printed on a 3D printer with the minimum size of pad  220 x 200 mm. The parts no. 10, 11 a 12 are changable according to user needs. The part no. 12 can be used in case of a transmitter with antenna on the back side of the tray, otherwise use the part no. 7.  

Design Files

File Size

09_TransmitterTray 9xxpro normalHolder.stl
290 KB
Manual to Transmitter Tray 9XR PRO to print in 3D_en.pdf
16.1 MB
01_TransmitterTray 9xrpro DownLeft1.stl
939 KB
02_TransmitterTray 9xrpro DownRight2.stl
1.1 MB
03_TransmitterTray 9xrpro BackRight3.stl
230 KB
04_TransmitterTray 9xrpro BackLeft4.stl
166 KB
05_TransmitterTray 9xrpro UpLeft5.stl
1.5 MB
06_TransmitterTray 9xrpro UpRight6.stl
1.13 MB
07_TransmitterTray 9xrpro pin 60x10x4.stl
218 KB
08_TransmitterTray 9xrpro 1x pin 20x10xdiag.stl
181 KB
10_TransmitterTray 9xpro longHolder.stl
318 KB
11_TransmitterTray 9xxpro turn shortHolder.stl
292 KB
12_TransmitterTray 9xrpro pin 65.stl
201 KB


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