x carriage deltaprintr mini hot end holder with FSR

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Use the thumb nut to adjust the preloading on the FSR sensor to find the sweet spot. Ideally a light tap on the nozzle tip to the bed should trigger the FSR. too much preloading will make the FSR less sensitive. too loose prelaoding will make the FSR too sensitive and unpredictable.

works with:

- deltaprintr mini hotend

- Openbuild v mini gantry plate

- FSR sensors

- Need (2) M3x16 and (2) M3x30

- JohnSL FSR board http://www.ultibots.com/johnsl...

Here's a quick assembly video in Fusion 360

assembly parts coming together

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V3e fsr holder STL.stl
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v3e fsr push left.stl
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v3e fsr push right.stl
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