Seeburg Nickelodeon Coin Collection Box and Mounting Foot


Seeburg coin operated pianos and nickelodeons use a punched paper roll to robotically play piano, organ, drums, xylophone and numerous other musical instruments. They were made by J P Seeburg in the early 1900s.  All of their automatic pianos are outstanding. Many of them are missing the original coin collection box to collect the nickels. Others may have this box, but are missing the mounting foot to hold it in place.  This design allow new parts to be printed so the instrument may appear and function as it was originally intended.

This coin box is designed to fit the Seeburg KT Special.  However, a shortened version of it also fits my Seeburg L. It will likely for many other models of Seeburg instruments.

The design is in three models. 

Seeburg Tall Coin Box Upper Ver 4 is the upper portion of the coin box. It has a cut out hole in the side to locate the lock. It has a cut out hole in the top for the coin drop. I printed this in PLA because it was so tall. PLA reduces de-laminating on tall prints.

Seeburg Coin Box bottom v4 is the bottom to the coin box. The bottom cut out hole is for the lock projection. The two small diameter holes at the back of the bottom are for the steel pins that keep the back secure to the mounting foot. Cut off large diameter nails and glue them in these holes. Print the bottom and screw it into the upper portion with small wood screws. I printed this in ABS.

Seeburg Coin Box Foot v4  is the mounting foot which holds the coin box in place. the original one was cast iron. This part in plastic is visually similar and plenty strong for modern use of the Nickelodeon piano.

Best wishes on enjoying your mechanical music instrument. For information on music boxes, nickelodeons, player pianos, orchestrions and player organs check out Its a great organization to join to get help restoring and enjoying these old musical robots.

Design Files

File Size

Seeburg Coin Box Foot v4.STL
5.77 MB
Seeburg Coin Box bottom v4.STL
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Seeburg Tall Coin Box Upper Ver 4.STL
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